Committed to Businesses between the USA and China

PattyC Property Group (PCPG, 派蒂克房地产集团) is a real estate investment company led by Patty Chen, President. The company was formed in 2001,located at 462 Washington St. Wellesley MA, 02482 and its main holdings are apartment complexes and commercial and residential mixed use properties.  America Asia Business Tour Group-Boston (AABT-Boston, 美亚商旅集团 波士顿) is a subsidiary division of PattyC Property Group, that provides superior personalized full-service for Chinese entrepreneurs and other companies interested in real-estate investment, Real Estate EB5 Immigration Investment , business collaborations, and strategic alliances between Asia and America. AABT-Boston provides an excellent venue for exploring new business opportunities and networks in finding the right partnerships to achieve mutual growth and synergistic prosperity. Additionally AABT assists in custom sightseeing tours to suit your tastes and interests, as well as provide guidance with our internationally recognized educational institution partners for your children. Our vision is: A Superior Quality of Life for All.

公司简介: PattyC Property Group 派蒂克房地产投资公司是一家在美国登记注册的房地产投资和管理公司。公司成立于2001年,公司征购,投资,及租赁大型出租公寓和商业住宅混合楼群为业务,同时在美国提供EB5美国绿卡房产项目,房地产中介,和房产管理。 子公司为美亚商旅集团-波士顿(America Asia Business Tour Group- Boston,or AABT-Boston),致力于为赴美国的华人提供个性化的卓越品质的全套服务,包括房地产投资和管理,EB5投资绿卡/移民,哈佛大学培训/美国商游, 以及子女在 美国的教育。我们的使命是: 优质生活为所有人.

( 中国电话: 95040378774 )

Our service is a simply one stop for The excellent quality of personalized full-service 个性化卓越品质的全套服务:

The business is founded on three principles:

  1. to create the most wealthy opportunities for people
  2. to maximize the quality of people’s lives
  3. to have great fun in working and collaborating together

1. 为人们创造更多的富裕机会
2. 最大限度地提高人们的生活质量
3. 有在一起工作和合作的无限乐趣

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